BLOODY ICE - Located in north Midless. When the land was discovered, there were no survivors left. It is a battle colony and due to the brutal cold is populated with mammals and the undead frequently appear.
GREEN DESPAIR - Located deep inside a great forest. Once populated by natives and wild animals. However, as you travel deeper into the forest, mutated monsters and insects dwell.
FORT. RUINA - The fifth special colony. Currently, it is known to be the most dangerous colony.

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[ NEWS ]
No more Western Union support..
[ 2014-12-05 ]
Effective today we no longer accept donations sent via Western Union, just use other means like MoneyGram, Xoom or similar services instead.

Please be informed, thank you.
[ NEWS ]
Game updated, download new patch..
[ 2014-12-03 ]
For details, please go HERE. To connect and play, please download the appropriate latest client files from HERE.

[ NEWS ]
POLL: Saint's Forcecalibur schedule (updated)..
[ 2014-09-28 ]
To be fair to all, a forum POLL has been created for everyone to vote for their preferred Saint's Forcecalibur shedule.

To participate, please visit this link: [CLICK ME]

POLL RESULT: Saint's Forcecalibur in War Channel (Lakeside) every Saturday 7:00 PM, replacing the NW of the same time slot.
[ NEWS ]
Saint's Forcecalibur activated!..
[ 2014-09-21 ]
Saint's Forcecalibur, which has been hidden and dormant in the dark lakes of lakeside, is now awakening!

When Mephistopheles "The Lord of Destruction" was sealed by Saint Valentine, a part of a powerful force has escaped and condensed into Saint's Forcecalibur. Anyone who harnesses the power of this weapon will be unmatched.

Schedule: War Channel (Lakeside) every Sunday 7:00 PM, replacing the NW of the same time slot starting tonight.

Be the first to wield the legendary power of the force!

[ NEWS ]
Happy 6th year and counting!..
[ 2014-09-15 ]
Hint: Sep 21, 2014, better go online and check your game mail now!

[ NEWS ]
Free Guild Emblem Change deadline..
[ 2014-05-21 ]
All request for Guild Emblem Change will be FREE until May 28, 2014 12:00 AM (server time). [ read more! ]

[ NEWS ]
Sudden downtime (updated)..
[ 2014-05-15 ]
Our apologies once again, the problem seems to be related with the previous issue but they are working on it now.

As usual, no ETA at the moment but we'll update you all the soonest.

Thank you for your patience.

2014-05-15 09:20 am update: SERVER UP!

[ NEWS ]
Sudden downtime (updated)..
[ 2014-04-20 ]
Our apologies for the sudden downtime, there is a fiber problem impacting one of our host data center where our server is located, they are resolving the issue as we speak.

No ETA at the moment but we'll update you all the soonest.

Thank you for your patience.

2014-04-21 09:25 am update: Finally! SERVER UP!

[ NEWS ]
New full client and manual patch uploaded..
[ 2014-04-09 ]
For users having problems with the client, a manual patch has been added including full client in the download page - [ click me! ]

[ NEWS ]
Bad Santa has come to town!..
[ 2013-12-16 ]
Bad Santas have invaded Nevareth destroying everyone's Winter Holidays! - [ read more! ]

[ NEWS ]
Guild emblem now implemented..
[ 2013-12-06 ]
You can now personalized your guilds using emblems you like! - [ read more! ]

[ NEWS ]
Happy 5th anniversary!..
[ 2013-09-15 ]
Thank you all for the continued support, once again we survived another year!

[ NEWS ]
Item trade-in accepted items list updated..
[ 2013-08-20 ]
Another good news! You can now trade-in ALL your OLD DONATION ITEMS for d-Coins as long as they don't have the "Unable to sell" or "Selling not allowed" label.

Read the updated DONATE PAGE (scroll down the list).
[ NEWS ]
Item trade-in procedure (updated)..
[ 2013-07-26 ]
Good news! Aside from SETS and WEAPONS, you can now trade-in your OLD DONATION BIKES, BOARDS and EPAULETS for d-Coin.

Trade-in request for MORE THAN ONE ACCOUNT is now PERMITTED but requires AUTHORIZATION LETTER using the e-mail address registered to the account concern.

More details on the DONATE PAGE (scroll down the list).
[ NEWS ]
Account buying or selling is forbidden.. (repost)
[ 2013-07-16 ]
As announced from the Episode 2 server dated July 9, 2012, we are reminding all users once again that ACCOUNT BUYING or SELLING is FORBIDDEN (not allowed). The same rule applies to ACCOUNT TRADING (SWAPPING) or GIVING AWAY.

You may be the owner of the account but every user is expected to abide by the implemented rules (terms). Failure to comply will only get the account banned!


Please read our updated TERMS page.
[ NEWS ]
Item trade-in now available for the Item Shop!
[ 2013-05-28 ]
Due to persistent demand, ITEM TRADE-IN is now available!

You can now trade-in your OLD DONATION ITEMS (SETS or WEAPONS ONLY) for d-Coin. Login to the Item Shop to read more about this on the DONATE PAGE.
[ NEWS ]
New Item Shop system implemented..
[ 2013-05-20 ]
In the effort to make things easier for donators to get items from the item shop, a new system has been implemented though not much of a big deal but hopefully will ease up item shopping a bit. To check the new item shop, please login and visit the ITEM SHOP now!

[ NEWS ]
Download page updated with latest links..
[ 2013-03-20 ]
Download links updated - both PATCH and FULL CLIENT (exe and torrent) including the latest X-Trap update. Visit the download page!

[ NEWS ]
Manual patch released..
[ 2013-03-05 ]
For users who are still having problems with the auto update, a manual patch has been released in the download page.

Just follow the usual patching procedure: Copy-paste the patch file inside your game client folder (main directory). RUN it from there - OVERWRITE ALL.

[ NEWS ]
Fix for the Game Launcher update problem..
[ 2013-03-04 ]
Dear Helixians,

We had update issues because there were certain files that were marked as "READ-ONLY" from the FULL CLIENT INSTALLER.

To FIX this, go to your game client folder, open the "DATA" folder and you will see "ability.enc", "maze.enc" and "title.enc" -- DELETE THESE 3 FILES.

Then back to your game folder (main directory) where you see the files like "update_v1301270715.hlx" or "update_v1303040732.hlx" or "update_v1303040918.hlx" --DELETE IF YOU HAVE THEM so that your client will update itself again.


[ NEWS ]
Welcome to Helix Episode 8!
[ 2013-02-01 ]
Dear Helixians,

Helix Episode 8 is now open for public.

Helix Episode 2 players will be given compensation to transfer their beloved items and alz. Please wait for further announcement regarding this matter.

Free change kits will also be given away for the first 100 users!

Download the episode 8 full client now from the download page and see you in game!

[ NEWS ]
Helix Episode 8 beta now online!
[ 2013-01-28 ]
Dear Helixians,

We are excited to announce that Helix Episode 8 is now open for beta.

Please report bugs you find and we hope you enjoy the new game features such as BM3, Agent Shop including new systems such as Mercenary, Rune, Ability, Title, Achievements, re-designed and improved interface and more!

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